We personalize apparel and accessories with embroidery and screen printing


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Personalize Your Apparel With Custom Logos, Embroidery & Screen Printing


Promote business – Spread the word – Increase awareness

Logos, messages and art on apparel increase awareness, spread the word about a cause and promote business. Schools, organizations, and support groups use custom shirts to display their pride and promote their cause.  Businesses reap the benefits of keeping their workers looking professional.

Custom Logos

Do you need help developing your brand and custom logos?  If your idea has only been sketched on a napkin we can take it from there.  What ever stage your art is in, let us you turn your concept into reality.




This upscale look is the popular of all apparel embellishment techniques. We can embrioder on photos, hats, jackets, caps and many other garments to give you that added professional touch.

We’ve made the embroidery process in 3 easy steps:

1. Select the garments you need embroidered.

2. Send us your logo. We’ll get a stitch count and then let you know the price of the embriodered garment as well as the one time only digitizing charge.

3. We will create a sewout (proof) and email it to you for your approval.

Minimum orders for embroidery is 6 pieces

We ship orders in 7-10 business days

Sample of a custom logo & embroidery by YellowKat

Screen Printing

We are here to walk you through the process which can be confusing if you don’t have experience. Here are a few important facts that will simplify the screen printing process for you.

We prefer vector files created in Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps, pdf) with FONTS CONVERTED TO OUTLINES. Converting fonts to outlines is important because if you don’t and we do not have the font used to create the design, your design will open up with a different font than you used.

Vector designs are created using paths instead of pixels. This means the artwork is very clean and it is easy to define the shapes that make up the design. Vector designs may also be scaled up or down with no loss in graphic quality.

Here are your 3 easy steps:

1. Select the garments you need to be screen printed.

2. Send us your logo. We’ll let you know the price of the screen printed garment as well as the one time only film charge and setup charge.

3. We will confirm all the details such as size and placement of image. The garments go to print after we get your approval.

Our team of artists will work with you at any stage of your art development or take your idea from concept to completion

Minimum orders for screen printing are 48 pieces

We ship orders in 7-10 business days